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About Royal Gulf Chocolats

Royal Gulf Chocolates was born of love for exquisite raw chocolate, and a desire to eat only pure, whole foods. Our delicious chocolate are handcrafted with passion in small batches using only the finest cocoa beans for making pure semi-finished chocolate easy melt buttons. We take great pleasure in bringing bliss to our happy customers. Taste it just once and...The Love Story Begins...


Who we are:


Our passion for chocolate and providing exquisite products that meet customers’ requirements in terms of flavor, application & quality.

A history of more than 20 years of experience, we continuously work on innovating new products to fulfill the needs of our customers.


What we do:

Providing an irresistible chocolates for wholesale and retail clients. We introduce our passion in the way of handling the world famous chocolate. Our range of chocolates are produced with great care for quality and with highly skilled craftsmanship.


Why choose us:

Our extensive expertise with private labelled products will provide adequate support for your business;


a- Do you own or plan to open a chocolate shop?


You can choose chocolates from our wide selection to match your shop concept. We can also offer support in design and printing of packing material through our reliable business partners. We can provide extensive selection of bulk and pre-packed chocolates whether you up to offer our brand in your chocolate shop or to develop your own chocolate brand. Our Sales advisers can help you create tempting chocolate selection which will help you gain and maintain clients. Our chocolate shapes are diverse. You can choose from several sizes and shapes for your chocolate arrangements according to your requirements and shop concept.

b- Do you own or plan to open a coffee shop, or a restaurant?

You can enrich your menu with chocolate bars with your branding and sell them on the counter as an impulse buy or offer chocolates with coffee as an added value to the customer and increase your brand awareness. We have an extensive experience in this type of private label as we are supplying several coffee shop chains and restaurants. We can offer you support in product development including label design and shape and flavors selection to match the concept of your coffee shop.

c- Are you a wholesaler looking for products to distribute to shops and supermarkets?

If you are interested in becoming our distributor or to distribute chocolates with your brand we have a solution for you. There is an increased trend in pralines "filled chocolate" consumption all around the world. We offer bulk pralines with selected fillings as well pre-packed in boxes. According to your targeted market requirements we can offer you bulk chocolate for distribution to chocolate shops or pre-packed boxes for supermarkets.

d- Are you looking for corporate gifts to show appreciation to your valued clients?

We will propose several types of boxes of various shapes and sizes, add your logo and/or gift card and you can choose the box content from our chocolate selection.

Original and authentic quality is our commitment to deliver superior chocolate specialties. Our Belgico™ brand Couverture Standards guarantee the uniqueness and purity of every individual product:



We are happy to serve your business demands
Any questions? Get in touch through our contact page or click here:
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